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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oil....... Is Not Expensive Enough

Are we the US motorists being fair about the supposedly high gas prices?

Per gallon, it costs $6.50 in Hong Kong, $7 in Europe, $5.50 in Japan, and $5 in Canada.

What about that little $1.59 cup of coffee we love so much at Starbucks, or the $1.50 16-oz water bottle that we snatch up without much thoughts? They are all more expensive than gas. When I look at beer, wine, sodas, juices and the equivalent of Doritos chips in weight, I see that they are all more costly than gas, and yet I see no shortage of shoppers loading up a cart-full of them.

I am also willing to wager that no less than 90% of us consumers spend far more on trinkets, snacks and so many other utterly useless and wasteful accessories.

My dear consumer friends should understand the "special privilege," not God-send as limitless and free, of being able to buy gas and roam in "freedom" - and it is just too much to want all cakes and eat it too.

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