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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't bother lying later that "we didn't know"

Polar bears the poster child of global warming may be working its magic in influencing the public. Over her concerns for their habitat and survival, my wife became interested in the environmental issues and asked me many questions about the climate change and the Arctic.

I was inspired to write this "prophecy of doom" post, dated Saturday, May 10th, 2008.

Basically I said I doubt that enough will be done until disasters strike us human kind in a rude awakening. The shock is most likely to come when least expected, as we continue to remain complacent with great false sense of security. Yet, Nature has already shot off many surprising early warning signs and rendered many scientific projections to be about as useful as coin-flips.

The politicians, the oil coalition, and the SUV-loving nay-sayers will love nothing more to simply maintain status-quo, and will certainly resort to the the expected denial and should-shrugging later on. Yet it is also that some of the most vocal green activists, Al Gore included, remain still as a part of the total contribution to the continuing environmental damage. After all, we continue to drive, shop and own a houseful of appliances and electronics, and still hop on that plane to take self-proclaimed needed getaway vacation, charged to the courtesy of American Express.

I feel that, deep inside, we all know what we are doing and what the consequence may be. But I expect most to say the same "it wasn't our fault" later.

That is how we are.

My slimmest hope relies on us having adequate technology to salvage the situation when world disasters strike in full force.

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