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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Rapidity of our Destructive Power

Scientists estimate that the Universe is 14-billion years-old, the Solar System is 4.5 billion years-old, and dinosaurs walked on Earth for 200 million years many hundred of millions ago in the Jurassic era.

The age of human beings, on the other hand, is but a fleeting moment in the grand geological scale, lasting just a mere hundred-thousand of years. The modern industrial age is even more fleeting at a century-old, amounts to a single blink in the eyes of the dinosaurs.

In this short time of one-century, 20 billionth of the age of the Earth, we have already managed a blazing trail of mess. Dinosaurs were able to roam for 200 million years - maybe our greatest enemy is our own sense of superiority and arrogance.

One thing we are certainly superior of, is that, we are capable of destroying this world with greater efficiency and speed that no other specie has ever come close in matching.

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