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Thursday, May 15, 2008

20 5% Solutions

A colleague and I engaged in an animated, passion-filled hour-long conversation hovering from what is wrong with politics today to whether or not our grandchildren may be the ones facing the real consequences of environmental disasters. When the topic turned to energy and peak oil, he reminded me that "we do not need one super solution, we can have twenty solutions each of which contributes 5% of the total solution."

So let's list some of the technology we already have or in development:

1. Wind
2. Solar
3. Geothermal
4. Ocean waves
5. Hydro power
6. Biomass fuel
7. Recycled fuel
8. Hydrogen fuel
9. Natural gas
10. Nuclear? Coal and oil?

The prospects seem full of potential, and so what it holding back the policy makers?

Again I am reminded to return to the reality of short-sighted economics and politics. I understand all too well how we tend to sit back and let things get worse until disasters are staring us in the face.

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